Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Tai Chi camp

Last week we were in Orangeville, near Toronto, camping out for CIT week. It was so crazy this is the only picture I took there:
Chanting stations
I took this picture because it was so odd - this is usually our big empty practice  hall. They had us kneel here for a few photos, but we didn't actually chant here - it was all theater for the Canadian tax people doing an audit of the Society.

Anyway, there were 700 in attendance, more than can practice in this hall. There was overflow on the back deck (except during rain) and in the old practice hall. The food service was excellent, but our numbers put a strain on the plumbing, especially when someone flushed something they shouldn't have down a toilet. We were told not to flush after every use, but that's hard for some and I had to show the way. The Alaska saying is "If it's yellow, let it mellow, if it's brown, flush it down."

We had our tasks to do: washing dishes, restocking porta-potties, etc. During other breaks I made some progress on the sleeves of my sweater, but they sure went slowly. I finally finished the sweater just now, two days after the deadline. Oh well, the pattern is too crazy to write down, much less expected to sell the yarn (which was the theme this round - sell the yarn). Nevertheless, I made what I wanted to and the thing is soft, warm and will fuzz up with washing. Here it is:
My "blank slate" sweater

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