Sunday, March 5, 2017


A few months back, we had strong winds during a cold spell. Rob and I were both awake at 4 AM when we heard a loud bang. This is what happened:
Formerly 3-pane window
There's still one pane whole, but we can feel a cold draft off the window and you can see more condensation on it than before.

Rob shoveling off the porch before the next wave of snow
 Last weekend we were home for four days, Thursday-Sunday. We got almost half a meter of snow over five days. The plow came through our subdivision on Saturday, but not early enough for us to get to class that morning. Then it snowed so much the neighbors needed chains on their truck to get out. This is our sixteenth winter here and the first with "above normal" snowfall.

Now it's time for Sock Madness 11. Last year was my first year and I'm back for more! These are the qualifying socks - we've got two weeks to knit a pair to make it onto a team.