Saturday, November 21, 2009


We just had a housewarming today, featuring a Tux the penguin cake because Rob and I have been using Unix for 25 years now. Who'd a thunk it? I remember when there were many operating systems and now we're only buying systems that run Linux. Even Cray is selling Linux systems. I'm so happy to not be using VMS or that IBM thing that believed all lines had 80 characters - and made it so.

Anyway, we learned a few interesting things about the Parade of Homes yesterday and today. The dean of Rob's department and his wife were coming out to see our house, but turned back because they didn't have winter tires on yet - and she was one of the judges. Nevertheless, we managed to take first prize on our kitchen - for what it's worth.

In other home news, it's feast or famine on the wind power front. Without wind, we have to run the generator every other day to keep things working in the winter. The solar panels aren't doing much good even when the snow isn't covering them every day. Still, now we get to gloat about being warmer than town by a noticeable amount, maybe 20 degrees.