Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Dye harvest 2013

This past Saturday we had our dye harvest party. I didn't get pictures or emails of any participants, but we had a good number - not too few, not too many. On the Wednesday before, I dug up some madder and started soaking the roots:
Madder roots
 One thing that's fun to knit is space dyed yarn, made into a giant loop (10 m or more):
Wet Tofutsies tangle

Dry Tofutsies giant loop

Fleece, roving, Kenzie yarn
 The lovely purple stayed in the pot, while the yarn turned dull blue:
Purple basil pot

Dye garden today, flax in foreground

My prize Kenzie yarn with dyed leftover Kenzie
 What prize, you ask? My prize from Skacel for playing along in challenge 3 of the Fiber Factor.
Tofutsies: basil and tamed giant loop

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