Saturday, November 1, 2014


Wow, nothing here since April? Well, we had a cold wet summer in Fairbanks and had to leave town to find summer. We spent a week in each of Boulder, CO, Ontario, Canada, and Woods Hole, MA, all good.

The latest news is that I had a PET scan last week and it is clear of lymphoma. The possible fibroids still light up, but haven't changed, so the doctor isn't going to make me see an OB/GYN at this point. Next check is in six months.

Early in October I got to go to Australia for work. People there want to model the Great Barrier Reef (and more) using ROMS and they thought I might be able to help. I don't have pictures of us in the office, but can share some other pictures from my trip:

Apple store in Sydney.

View from train station in Sydney.

Sulphur-crested cockatoos in Canberra.

Ochre exposure in Canberra.

Australian magpie.

Melbourne docklands.

Indigo in Melbourne botanical garden.

Great Ocean Road arch.

Koala in the wilds at Kennett River.

Kookaburra at Kennett River.

Lizard in rainforest part of Great Ocean Road.

Sheep across the road from 12 Apostles.

Some of the 12 Apostles on Great Ocean Road.

Wind-blown hair.

Circular tidepool near Hobart.

View of my host's favorite secluded beach near Hobart.