Tuesday, January 31, 2012

sun and snow

I wanted to try that snow picture again. Here you might see two drifts across the road due to the opening that is our driveway:

Rob has since gone out with the shovel and reduced them a bit.

The other surprise is that we had sun coming into the house this past weekend!!

Of course, winter sun can sometimes be associated with clear cold nights. We didn't go far on Saturday what with -50 F at the airport and dense ice fog in town. Then we went to town on Sunday and no one came to our class - even though we had to go. We almost hit a moose coming home after dark.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

drifting snow

The picture in the last post is from a few weeks ago. We've just had a long string of cold weather. Now it's a bit warmer, but blowing like you wouldn't believe! Here's a drift by the front door:

And a drift by the garage door:

Venturing outside, there's a drift by the yarn shed:

I tried to enhance the contrast some, but it's still tough to see. What we get at the top of the driveway is drifting across the road:

It comes from this big opening in the trees along the road:

Again, do not drive beyond the orange flags! That way lies madness (or at least cursing):

View of that front door drift from the other side:

Note that the snow is well packed and supports my weight (mostly).

It's winter!

It's been cold around here. In the new house, we can regulate the humidity, so it's more humid than the old house this time of year. It leads to dampness in some places:

This is the door from the garage to the outdoors.

In other news, I was in Anchorage last week and got to see Denali on the way home. I was supposed to be flying home after dark, but a friend was on the same flight - he thought - until he realized he'd book his return for July 20. So he called the airline to arrange an earlier flight.