Sunday, May 30, 2010

A Little of Everything

As you may know, we spent 10-12 days in Japan, before and during a PICES fish and climate meeting. Above is the pagoda in the Zen garden at Rinnoji temple in Sendai. I'm not sure we would have found it if they hadn't been having an outdoor rock concert for Earth Day.

Sunset at Matsushima Bay on our last evening there.

It's here! The results of the sock contest are in print, with everyone (including me) wanting to make the cover socks.

Here's my pattern, rated experienced+. I used all natural dyes on the sock yarn and the pattern was inspired in part by jungles on cursed isles in Puzzle Pirates. I designed a cursed isle and the Three Rings people kept telling us to "add more jungle!".

In other creative news, the T-shirts with my lynx design are in.

Just in time for visitors, we have curtains in the guest room with sun-block lining. I originally bought the fabric for the window at the top of the stairs in our NJ house - from a store which has since gone out of business.

The porch settled during the spring thaw so Rob dug up two footings and raised them, with the help of a new footing bought for the purpose.

Having no dirt to speak of, we bought two containers and enough dirt to grow a few things: marigolds, parsley from a friend, and basil.

The tai chi group had a fund-raiser of a yard sale in the parking lot when other people were having plant sales: Siberian irises by the top of the driveway.

Also two rhubarb plants, fertilized by the neighbor's bunnies.