Tuesday, June 16, 2015

New England

I know I owe you some Europe photos, but meanwhile, we were in New England last week. We went to a Gordon Conference in Biddeford, ME at the University of New England (no photos) and to a Tai Chi workshop in Exeter, NH (no photos). What I should have gotten pictures of was a sea kayak adventure on one of the afternoons at UNE. A former fisherman runs a sea kayak rental across the water from UNE and over 30 of us took advantage of a lovely day to try it out. He took people across the water, 12 at a time, and we were on the third and last trip over. One fellow didn't want to go in a solo kayak and it got down to the three of us, so we took pity on him and I paddled with him while Rob went solo. He did fine.

Between the two events, we went up to Wiscasset, ME to see a couple friends, Bill and Esther. We stopped in Portland, ME on the way there to see a lighthouse, then Esther took us to see another lighthouse. So I do have a few photos to show:
Portland's Head Light

Rocks by Head Light

The new fog horn and some more rocks

Pemaquid Point Light

Rob and Kate at Pemaquid

One of the sights on the road to Boston