Saturday, August 29, 2009


Downstairs trim, pass through light window to arctic entry:

Downstairs bathroom vanity:

Downstairs cork floor:

Downstairs bath:

Soapstone wood stove moved in:

Master bath, offending outlet has been marked for moving:

Master bath:

1/2 bath off kitchen and living room:

Kitchen stove, refrigerator and center island are in place:

Wind tower anchors!

Center support footing:

Testing out the gas lines:

Generator shack entry:

Solar panel array pole:

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Lots of finishing details

Fog coming up the valley.

More of the bamboo flooring is down, looking good. We now have window sills and the start of the baseboard trim.

Pantry doors and window above the master bath door.

Downstairs is still full of stuff, like the oak stairs, more trim, etc.

After we left, Rob met the builder at the old house to hand over the wood stove and the stained glass lamps. They were also bringing up the fridge and the stove, but forgot the washer (which we are still using...)

Saturday, August 22, 2009


Deck is complete:

Counter top for center island:



Kitchen, dining room and living room floor is complete:

2nd floor is nearly complete:

Master bath:

Laundry room:

A peek inside a kitchen cabinet:

Light pass through window into the laundry room:

A view of the special wall material for the drying closet:

Generator shed:

Generator shed:

Ready for concrete:

Good look at a footing for the wind tower:

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Hard Luck Creek fire

From the morning report: Poor road conditions have hampered moving crews around the fire. Fire behavior was limited to smoldering. Mop up continues on all Divisions 1-2 hundred feet inside lines.

The fire was transitioned to a Type 3 fire crew releasing the Type 2 fire crew from New Mexico this past Monday. At that time, containment was nearly 100%. Acres are estimated at 12834 and crew is now down to 225.

Progress continues

Progress in the past 3 days, deck construction begins:

Interior doors and trim:

Interior door frames:

Bamboo flooring:

Close up of grouted tile for wood stove:

Cabinet installation:


Master bathroom cabinetry:

Cook flooring in master bedroom and closet:

Prepped concrete pad for front doors:

Wind tower components arrive:

Anchor for wind tower:

Two more anchors ready for concrete:

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Floor progress, Hard Luck Creek Fire

The Hard Luck Creek fire has been largely stopped by cool and wet conditions. It is raining tonight (Saturday). Containment was estimated at 50% this morning. Fire fighters estimate approaching 100% containment on Monday.

Master bath:


Upstairs bath, laundry:

Tile in arctic entry:

Tile for soapstone wood stove: