Thursday, November 13, 2008

Add project status bar to Blogger

After some fussing about, it workeded in Blogger.

Step 1: Get an API key from HERE.

Step 2: Copy stuff out of the Rav API Step 1 text box.

Step 3: Follow instructions from ytdesigns. Editing your template, find a "Add a Gadget", click on it and add a "HTML/Javascript" doodad.

Step 4: In the text box they provide, paste the text you grabbed in Step 2 above.

Step 5: Go back to Rav API Step 2, grab the one liner script and paste it to the bottom of the script from Rav Step 1. Click "Save" and away you go.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Welcome to the fold...

Harr! Kind of ominous when your first PM is "Welcome to the Fold!!!!! mwahahahahahah :-)". Things go very well after learning to knit and purl on a swatch. Kate found a pattern or should say had a pattern that she was going to use on yarn for a future sweater for me and said well you can do it now :)

And so it goes. Got to about triangle 3 or 4 with a bunch of little problems. What is nice about this project, if things go REALLY bad, you just have to restart the triangle. Kate is away for two weeks and chewing fingernails hoping that I don't hit a really bad snag. All is well and heading onto triangle #11 that is the 2nd wrong side purling stitches up.