Friday, July 12, 2013

Overdue post

Geez, my last post has icicles? Since then we've cruised the inside passage, had two weeks of crazy-hot weather, and I went to Colorado for a week.

So, I have to post this picture from a week or two ago:
Double rainbow
Also, I've been sucked into the knitting design contests at the Fiber Factor. Here is what I submitted for the second challenge:
Fish sweater

You can see it here too. It earned me a trophy knitting needle! It's an Addi Art in size 10 mm with crystals inside the tips. Crazy. I've got my yarn and a swatch and parts of an idea for the third challenge. The swatch is telling odd stories with the washing - I'm not sure how the gauge can match and yet the angle of the stitches changed. More on that later I guess.