Monday, January 14, 2013

More weather photos

Rob has rigged things so that if the weather service puts out a special weather alert, he gets email on the next hour. He got one today at 11 AM. By then I had contributed what was needed on yet another colleague's proposal and was going to dive into some debugging. Anyway, I was talked into going home while the getting was good. Here's are some views:

The sun came out while we were in the grocery store. Then we saw this low cloud beneath the dark cloud deck.

Pretty trees in the sun.

Then it started raining and we got a hint of a rainbow.

The view from home, back towards town. By then it was snowing.

We heard a big thump and Rob went out to shovel roof snow off the deck - but most is still up on the roof.

View of snow still to go - but maybe not today.

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JRudewick said...

Awesome pictures, Kate. I think the weather contrasts that you can see in one day where you are living are spectacular!