Thursday, December 13, 2012

We shovelled Tuesday evening...

We pushed a good four inches over the cliff on Tuesday, and now this. Last night the bottom of the Subaru was plowing snow just for the last bit into our subdivision and it continued to snow all night. We've gotten at a foot since Tuesday night:
 Trying for a picture of Rob pushing snow over the cliff and somehow the flash just got blurry snowflakes. That's my snow scoop on the ground:

 The procedure is to fill the scoop, then drag it to the edge of the cliff and push. It's going to take many trips:

We're taking a break for tea and photos. The news from campus is that UAF is open today even though the public schools are not (and they never, ever close for snow). I have a final today at 4 PM and we should be able to get in by then as long as the plow comes to clear the roads.

Here's the view from inside:

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