Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Totem pole project

I missed my final last week due to snow, but here are some images of the final project. The assignment was to make a totem pole of at least four objects at least five inches big in some dimension that represents something about our life. Here is mine:

 The base represents some trips I took to Alaska before we moved here, before Rob. I went canoeing with Dave Musgrave twice on memorable trips. So when he offered us jobs, it was hard to say no:
 This is the TV I bought in 1988 to watch the winter Olympics:
 The TV was pretty much permanently turned off as soon as we started playing Puzzle Pirates. See above for a hint of the sailing puzzle on the laptop screen:
 The crows nest doesn't fit on top in the new office location, but it does balance on top (surprisingly). This is us playing Tai Chi, the next thing that's trying to take over our lives:

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