Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Art department on left, bookstore on right.
I had to go to the main campus to pick up my parts for the totem pole project, all glazed and fired and everything (I'll post about it later - two parts are still at school).
View from Wood Center bus stop.

We left work early to drive home in the daylight, such as it is. A few hours later our boss wrote to say that we should feel free to do what's necessary to be safe (like leave early). Here's the view of our balcony:

View up the driveway, showing some of the better visibility of tire tracks.

I got everything wired together on Tux's head. The six pins of the Arduino are facing down because they are used to connect it to my laptop via USB. The other things you see are a battery and a buzzer.

Here he is all together with a motion sensor on his head and LEDs on his helmet. The central one is a tri-color LED while the rest are blue.

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