Tuesday, December 11, 2012


The fourth pottery assignment is to recreate something as realistically as possible, then make another item which is somehow different. I chose to do a yellow-eyed penguin since we enjoyed watching them in New Zealand several years ago:

The big guy is Tux, the Linux penguin, inspired by a photo of Penguin Computing, but the gun mine has comes from the game Spiral Knights. I used the pink/blue slip shown last time and at the lower temperatures used here, I got the pink. It's always a learning adventure!

Then there's the piece of yellow felt with an Arduino Lilypad computer on it. The plan is to put that inside Tux's head and have it control some lights and stuff on the helmet. Time to get to work on that...

I heard there was a request for tree photos. It's a bit dark right now, so I bring you candles instead:

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