Sunday, January 20, 2013

A new transfer switch

A transfer switch is a handy item.  We can now switch from our main generator to a backup generator in case we have problems with the big Kubota.  Unless we have a bit of wind, we at most have 48 hours of battery power starting from a full charge.

Square-D 60 amp transfer switch with service cable to connect to a generator with a twist lock connector.  The Kubota is rated to 50 amps (6000 watts).  There are a couple 1/2 HP motors that need a burst of 1800 watts (15 amps) to get started.  The charger is set to 20 amps leaving 30 amps to the house for general use.  There is a decent amount of wiggle room for the Kubota.  When we are in backup generator mode, we will need to take care not to let any of the 1/2 HP motors kick in unless the backup generator is a good size.  We did a small test with one of the Honda 2000's and it promptly shutdown when a motor tried to kick in.

Here is the guts of the power generator side of the Kubota.  It is a Stamford generator.  The main lines into the house were split between the Kubota and the transfer switch.  There is a bit more beefy wires in there now.  The Kubota has yet to be tested in this new configuration -- the wiring job looks solid.  We have had a bit of wind in the past few days to keep us in good standing.

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