Friday, May 20, 2011

Goldstream Wildfire Breaks Out!

10:30 pm: Wind shift moves smoke into Goldstream Valley. We can still see planes circling the area. A more complete update and summary should appear on the AICC site tomorrow.

Goldstream fire as seen from Lincoln Creek subdivision:

Goldstream fire as seen from bend in Spinach Creek near railroad crossing:

Coming home from work, we encountered a wildfire that is reported by the Fairbanks News Miner to be along Old Murphy Dome Road. We can see the smoke plumes. More to come as we find out more.

Rebooted the iPhone, nothing wrong with the cell tower. Internet access is working too.

An incident command center has been established at the Goldstream Store on Goldstream Road by Ivory Jacks.


Moose Mountain Fire (#160)

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