Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Rob left town to be with his mom after the death of his step-dad - and Rob missed out on a snow storm. I love the shapes the wind makes in the snow. Note that I had cleared a path to the door on Sunday.

The Subaru isn't getting much love these days.

Looking up the driveway. The snow depth here isn't as deep as what they said fell - but I found some extra snow out by the wood pile. Only one of the septic posts is showing out back.

View from the top of the driveway. I got a ride to work from a neighbor both yesterday and today, but our subdivision got plowed out again today - second time in a week! It means I'm free to come and go on my own schedule. I definitely need my own wheels on Thursday.

I remember Bill Williams talking about the one day a year when the wind really blows - and all the trees that are going that year go. This tree was too big for us to move so we drove right over it. So glad I wasn't in our wimpy Mazda.

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