Saturday, October 10, 2009

It is done!

The Friday 4pm walk through was postponed to 1:30 PM Saturday.

The final walk through is complete. We have all the essentials. There is a punch list of bugs. Thorsten Chlupp stands by his work. There is a 90-day and 11-month checkup before the first year warranty expires on the workmanship for the new home.

Can we begin moving? I could invoke a well know former AK Gov. Palin expression... simply yes!

Things will get back to normal. Normal being defined as we can get back to our schedule rather than being on call for any questions that pop up about the new home.

Our phone number will remain the same (so far). It is currently a land line, we have plans to try and transfer that to an iPhone.

The new address will change to "5629 Reconstruction Road". The zip is the same.

... and the story continues ... just down a different path and maybe sneak some knitting back into the blog, how about that?

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JRudewick said...

Y A H O O !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!