Saturday, August 8, 2009

New toy

We ran up the hill without a working camera, so I have to try this blogging thing about something else. I'll be filling in for Rob next week while he is out of town.

My birthday present came early, just in time for demoing at the fair:

It's an attache charkha made by Jonathan Bosworth out of cherry wood.

For no good reason, I decided I wanted a charkha. I asked my mom about hers and she suggested I talk to Celia Quinn about them. So I asked Celia when she was in town and her suggestion was to just go for the Bosworth, don't mess around with the Indian ones. I'll be making some lumpy yarn!


JRudewick said...

The best gift is usually the one that you get for no good reason at all. It looks like a wonderful contraption. Will you be bringing it with you when you travel east???

Kate said...

I think so!