Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Coming into the house, something is coming out of the bathroom...

Then, upstairs, something has taken over the livingroom. It's the cabinets, but without their birch fronts. The cabinet bases are what's downstairs.

We've got the new sign from the firemen out in a tree - we'll do a better job of attaching it someday, but for now, one of the pink ribbons is from the fire people declaring the site defensible.

Then I was off to the fair, to booth sit with Alice.


JRudewick said...

It must be somewhat of a comfort to know that they can at least defend your home from the fire, should it get that far. Does the change or drop in temps have any effect on the fire?? Seems like it was chilly last year at fair time!!!

Kate said...

The cooler temperatures mean the fire is less active. The rain made it muddy for the firemen - they have over 400 people on it, the highest priority fire in the interior. The update and map this morning shows more containment and all the efforts are on our side of the river.

It's almost always chilly at fair time! This is a bit early for frost warnings, though. The cliche is that the fair brings the rains, or "fair weather".