Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Past four days...

More siding...

Radiant heat for the master bedroom:

Radiant heat 2nd floor kitchen, dining room, and living room. Gypsum will be poured over the tubing. Maybe another layer of plywood and then the flooring.

Power left, coax and telephone right. Most of the electrical rough in is complete. Wires are now trimmed back to respective locations. Where the big AC wire is going is still a little up in the air...

More siding:

And more siding... looking like a house there, eh? Some say a true Alaskan house is one where there is everything but the siding :)

Siding wrapping around the front to the plug-in on the garage:

Now that the electrical is squared away (almost; still trying to work out where the generator, batteries, inverter and other equipment will go) the windows need to be installed. Once the windows are in, then some 2nd floor ceiling insulation needs to be done. A layer of batting needs to be put down into the vaulted ceiling and finished off with some cellulose to be blown in. We hope for a little cooler weather!
  • Electrical (wrap up)
  • 2nd Floor ceiling insulation (batting and cellulose)
  • Drywall
  • Cabinets, counters
  • Plugs, lights, switches
  • Appliances (Washer, Refrigerator, Stove)
  • Heating, HRV, etc
  • Wind, solar, batteries, inverter and generator... possibly all stashed away in an external shed.
We'll see what order this all shakes out.

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