Sunday, July 5, 2009

A 4th of July Walkthrough

Tar paper has been added to the roof as well as additional character to the roof. The plastic on the outside wall is vapor barrier. The Tai Chi area is now enclosed. 2nd floor right is the door for the porch between two windows. The master bedroom window is on the 2nd floor right with three large windows for the Tai Chi area on the 1st floor. Smaller windows are on the back and side of the house. Smoke from distant forest fires rolled in on the 4th obscuring the view of the valley.

Entrance to the Tai Chi area via an arctic entry. Another entrance is created to gain access to the garage.

View of the arctic entry to the outside via the Tai Chi area. The garage is off the Tai Chi area (left).

Kate is looking at the stairs from the 1st floor to the 2nd floor. Under the 2nd flight of stairs will be the storage for our electricity. The access way can be seen in the lower middle (rightish).

View of the 2nd floor trusswork. The kitchen and living room will have a vaulted ceiling as shown below. The rest of the 2nd floor will have a standard height ceiling.

View of some beefy exterior doors. These are about as well insulated as you can get and custom built by the builder.

To get a feeling for window size, Kate is standing next to the smaller of the two windows for the Tai Chi area:


Janene said...

Okay, so now I really want to do Tai Chi at your new house. Imagine... I'll have to expend fuel. Hmmm.... Beautiful!

Sarah said...

Wow. I don't visit your blog for a little while... and you have a new house! (Amazing what hired professionals can do, isn't it!)
Looks great!