Saturday, November 2, 2013

Sea Ice at Last

Over twenty years ago I was sucked into a sea ice modeling project. We didn't do a great job then, but nevertheless we're still in the business. I've thought maybe I should go out and see some sea ice, but it just never happened - until today. Today I got to go on a NOAA P3 flight over the Chukchi Sea, all as a day trip from Eielson Airforce base.

I took a lot of photos, most of them terrible. Here are a few that almost might pass for tolerable:
Over the Brooks Range, running away from the sunrise.

At the northern extent of the flight the ice was thin first-year ice, mostly solid with some openings and thin spots.

Fresh ice.

Flying South into more broken ice.

Farther South the ice is pancake ice with swells from the South.

Winds are strong and it shows over open water.

Swells casting shadows.

Back over land, North of the Brooks range.

Science is done so I got to sit up front for a few minutes.

An interesting river.

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