Thursday, May 2, 2013

More pictures from yesterday

We have a giant icicle:

Icicle (and drift) outside the computer/tai chi room.

Here's Rob pushing snow over the edge:
Rob pulling from a drift.

Over the edge it goes.
There are places where the edge is hard to get to - that hole near the root is where the driveway ends.
Foot hole past the driveway.


Sarah said...

You have a crazy amount of snow for May 3rd. (Nothing like stating the obvious!!) Happy Spring!
I guess you are getting good use of your sunglasses... the glare off that snow from the high sun must be intense!

Kate said...

Not exactly! It snowing again.

JRudewick said...

This is just in the upper levels of your area. The web cams in valley look like no snow and roads clearing. Isn't this the reverse of the way it normally is???But prkend