Tuesday, October 2, 2012

New loot

Years and years ago I took pottery classes at UCSD through the Craft Center, not for grades or credit or anything. I am now taking a ceramics class through the art department. For a grade! I got my first wave of pots back:

Three of them will go to a benefit for feeding the homeless. They are an exploration of pinch pots, coiled pots, and pots made with slabs. The two jellyfish plates are experiments for the second project, which is a modified reproduction of this Minoan pot from Phaistos (Crete):

Pictures to come... but it will be fired using used vegetable oil in an outdoor kiln, heated to cone 10 (the pots above are cone 6, done in an electric kiln).

We just got assignment number 3, making a wacky teapot. It's going to be a challenge. One teacher at UCSD was always into wacky teapots and I avoided her classes like the plague.

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