Sunday, April 22, 2012


In knitting news, I finished my red sweater. It's 11.5 balls of Dale Svale with ideas from several sources.

I don't know what's up with the blog software, but this image is now tightly linked to the one below. Weird.
Sun pillar over setting sun - seen from the airport. We were on our way to Toronto for a Tai Chi workshop, heading out in the evening for the red-eye.

The gang at health recovery week. It was a small group so we all got plenty of attention from the two instructors.

Chanting stations in the temple. I went chanting each morning, always the same one for health and longevity. New is some attempt at the tones on the last word of each phrase.
The Center's pond. We were in the practice hall in the upstairs with the high ceiling.

Today we got invited to a bonfire, Rob's favorite. This is the morning shot.

Several hours later, the snow has melted back and there's quite an ash pile. Rob burned a hole in his shirt.

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