Friday, March 16, 2012

Snow and a guest

First of all, we have a guest who is staying for three weeks:

She's pretty fun and not too skittish:

About ten days ago we got a bunch of snow. One evening, we shoved at least 12 inches of light fluffy powder. In the morning, we shoveled another 8 inches:

This view of the road is artificially darkened so you can see the tire tracks of some neighbors who went by before the plow did:

We had to leave before the plow came as well - we just followed the tracks and were lucky enough not to meet anyone before we came to some maintained roads. The snow on all the trees was really pretty:

But then the wind came up...

In past years, we shoveled a path clear to the wood pile along the left side of the house. This year, we gave up and are going around the long way:

That day we rode out the tracks, we were in the Subaru, no problem. Then this past Monday we took it to the shop for a gas filling problem - air wasn't venting to make room for the incoming gasoline. They still have the Subaru, so we've been driving the Mazda - we've gotten stuck going up our driveway and by the mailboxes. Have shovel, will dig.

The wind has been doing amazing things with the snow, making these little overhanging shelves:

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