Tuesday, October 4, 2011

GVEA Rates @ 96W: Do the math

Fairbanks, Alaska GVEA Rates as of 09/01/2011:

Each meter: $17.50/month
Utility charge: $0.08791/kWh/month
Fuel charge: $0.10924/kWh/month
Regulatory: $0.000492/kWh/month

What is the cost if you left a 96W light bulb on all the time?

First, calculate the kWh for the month, lets say 30 days on average.

30 days X 24 hours = 720 hours/month

720 hours X 96 Watts = 69120 Watt hours (Wh)

1000 W in 1 kW ==> 69.120 kWh of power used per month

Now multiply 69.12 kWh against the rates to get the cost of running 96W all day for a 30 day month:

For simplicity, we add all the rates up: $0.20207/kWh

69.12 kWh X $0.20207/kWh = $13.97 per month in power & regulatory fees.

With the meter charge, your nearly 100W light bulb is costing you $31.47 per month (or $377.64 per year).  That is some expensive light bulb!  No wonder they give out light bulbs for free at the annual meeting.

What things do you leave on all day?

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