Monday, June 6, 2011

Hastings Fire Update

A cold front cleared out the air, but didn't produce much rain. These pictures are from June 6th, 2011 at 9 pm Alaska time showing new smoke plumes over the forest fire.

These new plumes indicate additional area has burned. We will find out tomorrow what burned. Over 550 personnel working on this fire.
Fire Name: Hastings
Daily Record For: Jun 5, 2011
Status: S/U
Estimated Acres: 12019
Incident Commander: Tom Kurth
Personnel Count: 563
Daily Cost: $676,282.00
Continuing warmer temperatures and lower RHs led to increased fire behavior. Strong Southwest winds caused the fire to grow NE toward Hayes Creek Subdivision.Aviation assets assisted with slowing the fire`s growth along the east flank. Dozers worked their way down the ridge from Hayes Cr. to the fire`s edge and continued constructing contingency dozer line. Boats are assisting with structure protection on the Chatanika River. Preparations continue in the McCloud subdivision and along Old Murphy Dome Road. Dozers will continue constructing contingency lines east of the fire. Crews will continue constructing direct line on both the west and south flanks. Structure protection efforts will continue along the Chatanika River. Crews will continue structure protection efforts in Hayes, McCloud, and Desperation Loop.
Fire Year: 2011
Sequence #: 271
Estimated Acres: 12019
AFS Code: F4D8
DOF Code: 111271
Total Cost: $2,883,102.00
Structures Threatened: 1405
Structures Burned: 2
Management Org.: DOF
Office: FAS
Option: FULL
Latitude: 65.0333328
Longitude: -148.3500061
Origin Owner: Unknown
Origin Admin Unit: Unknown
Discovery Time: May 30, 2011 11:45:11 PM
Initial Behavior: Rank 5
Primary Fuel Type:
Mixed (Hardwoods/Softwoods)
Fire Type: Lightning
Specific Cause: Lightning
Origin Slope: 0-25
Origin Aspect: Unknown
Origin Elevation: 0-500
Township: 002N
Range: 003W
Section: 7
Quarter: SWNW
Meridian: Fairbanks
Updated: Jun 5, 2011

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