Sunday, April 24, 2011

It's melting

This picture was taken a couple weeks ago and shows several things: 1. it's light before work, 2. it's still cold, and 3. the seal on a triple-paned argon-filled window has failed.

On to today, Rob's weekend fun has been moving water around. He's got a little pump set up to pull from one hose, push to another. There's a Y so you can pull from puddle A (bottom of driveway) or puddle B (near front door). He said there was a while yesterday afternoon when the driveway puddle was filling faster than he could drain it.

Why bother? Last year the gravel under the porch supports liquified and the porch sank significantly.

The blue tarp is on the wood pile.

The stream flows over the edge of the cliff back by where we store the canoe.

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Richard Hickey said...

Yaaaa! An update. (-:

I keep checking on you guys, but you haven't been updating much lately. I hope you are doing well.

I'm meeting Guy Robinsons for beers in San Fran on Saturday.

Take care.

Rich Hickey