Tuesday, October 19, 2010


The poor Mazda is a summer car. Even with studded tires, it just doesn't handle as well on the snow. So this fall, it doesn't even rate a spot in the garage.

The view du jour.

I stayed home to be here when the Remote Power guy showed up. He came to weld the collar to the main post for the solar panels. The black cap sits on the post where the collar is (but we didn't have the collar last December).

There should be bolts functioning as set screws to keep the whole unit from rotating. Rob said the threads were stripped, but it turns out the bolts we had were just a tad too small for the job. We should be getting replacements today.

It may be hard to see, but the snow here is roughly six inches deep. The bottom part is gray with mixed-in grit. The winds were howling the night before last, causing the snow to drift. The gray layer is anywhere from this thick to non-existent. The clean snow on top fell yesterday after the wind died down.

Oh, yeah - Rob started working in my department yesterday. This morning he had to pick up his police record and get fingerprints - he's going to have more authority on the systems than I do. He's in the workstation group, not on the big machines.

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