Thursday, October 15, 2009

Tuesday - Thursday

Thursday morning dawn, greatly enhanced picture. The digital camera just can't pick up the low amount of light. Moon and solar array as well :)

Tuesday evening: all the center island lights are working.

The drying closet has clothes lines:

One shower curtain hung:

A new toy. Fit2 PC, consumes at best 7 to 8 watts of power (includes a 160 Gb small form factor hard drive). Perfect for off grid use. Note the size, that is a quarter sitting on the unit. Need plenty of air flow around the unit. The unit does not have a fan so the chassis heats up fairly well. The plan is to datalog from the renewable system. Hitting a USB/serial barrier right now...


JRudewick said...

How does a drying closet work? Is there air flow to prevent moisture build-up & mold?

Kate said...

Yes, it has its own vents from the HRV and there's a timer to turn on venting for say half an hour. Our air is so dry, it shouldn't really take heat to dry things.