Friday, August 7, 2009

Hardluck Creek Fire Update

Natural hazards come in many forms. Earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes and the potential of fire. The Lincoln Creek subdivision is in a critical area of concern. At present, the last report we obtained indicated the fire was approximately 5 miles away to the north and west. In the past two days, wet conditions have been seen and allowed a 'direct' attack on the fire. Dozer (bulldozer) lines are now mostly installed to attempt to keep the fire from spreading south and east. A full situation report will be given at 6 PM tonight.

Fire map links

Alaska Interagency Coordination Center:


Fairbanks North Star Borough:

Overview of the Wood River and Railbelt Complex fires (Hardluck Creek fire is north):

Closer view of the Hardluck Creek fire and roadway system in the development:

The Hardluck fire has been identified as a high priority. Yesterday, the preparedness level of the state was at level 5. Today, more resources have been allocated and the preparedness level dropped back to level 4. Definition of the preparedness level:

USDA Forest Service, MODIS Active Fire Maps:

Another version of the MODIS fire detection map:

More information later as it becomes available...

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