Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Windows and Drywall

Windows being installed today:

With the windows going in... next is drywall. A large delivery is in progress.

Tai Chi area windows. The two square ones are whole panes. The egress windows have a solid pane and a pane that will swing open in two modes. (Demonstrate that later when the hardware is installed)

A good look at the guest bedroom egress window:

Looking from inside the Tai Chi area:

Had a great discussion with the crew there today. One worker handling the delivery of the drywall mentioned that they love the house and location. I am in pretty much agreement that any lot in the Murphy Dome subdivision has a great view. Another worker was very impressed with the amount of insulation being used. We will also be getting some recent improvements in window design. The boiler, although it still uses oil for heat, does not use a typical stack. Normal oil furnaces require a typical chimney or metal stack. It was mentioned that the unit being installed can be vented using regular PVC... amazing.

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