Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Evening Sun

A late Wednesday look at the property. Found some holes for the future wind tower to generate power for the property. One more tower for Lincoln Creek. I think we counted 4 or 5 the other day.

An evening view.


Richard Hickey said...

I can picture you drinking coffee in the mornings and looking out at that view. Nothing like being able to see forever.

Hope you're doing well. Now that I've found your site I'm gonna keep an eye on the progress. (-:


Rich Hickey

red.hat.queen said...

Things seem to be really moving quickly. So, your driveway is going down from the road yo had us on last year?? What is the grade of the driveway?? So on really bad days you willbe unable to get out.... what a plan! Cozy fire, and a gorgeous view. You two must be on top of the world! Keep posting.