Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Denali as seen from the top of our new neighborhood:

Picture of the wind tower from the road:

Morning shot of solar panels with a fresh coating of snow:

Fresh snow on the ground:

Finishing work at the back of the living room:

Guts of a stained glass lamp that just screamed to be changed out:


More gutters!

Fog in the valley:

Power controls and batteries underneath:

Close up of the renewable power controls:

Wind tower:

Propane tank installed:

A look from below the solar panels:

Home construction is wrapping up Thursday (that is tomorrow!). Final electrical installation to be wrapped up next week. Very close!

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JRudewick said...

Everything is falling into place. You two ust be so excited. Have fun at the Parade of Homes, showing off your lovely home. When will you finally be moving in???